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Hi, I’m Pippa, author of The Happy Puppy Handbook.
I help puppy parents raise happy, well-behaved dogs! 

Let's start by finding out where you are on your puppy journey!  

Which One Are You?


Four Steps To Success

Once your puppy has arrived dive into our New Puppy section and check out the Puppy Guides.

Getting A Puppy Is A Big Deal!

Finding the right puppy is a bit like dating, only with potentially greater consequences. 

It helps if you meet a few dogs and spend time with them to get a good idea of the right breed or type for you. 

Which Type Of Dog?

Choosing a great fit for your family & lifestyle

You need to have something in common with the dog you bring home. Something that goes beyond an appreciation of their good looks.  You are going to live with this character after all.  

You are going to have to greet them each morning...

... feed them, pay their medical bills, teach them manners, introduce them to your friends....

....and at times, leave them alone in charge of your house! 

worried dog holding keys

Making mistakes here can be a really big deal!  So you need to get this right.

That's why we have an extensive section on planning for your puppy in advance of the big day! As well as a ton of information and advice to help you once your puppy has arrived.  

Help And Support

up to date information on every aspect of puppy care, training,  and development

Your Puppy Expert

Pippa Mattinson is widely known for making puppy training fun and for her positive training style. And has helped puppy parents worldwide. You can read thousands of reviews of her books on Amazon and Goodreads, and checkout reviews of her training courses on Dogsnet.

I Love Pippa's Positive Style!

"Our puppy, Ginny, is 12 weeks old and is doing great, thanks in large part to your wonderful training program! We finished Puppy Training and are halfway through the Foundation Skills program. I just love your positive style".

Sylvia With Ginny from the USA 

Student on Pippa's Puppy Parenting & Foundation Skills Course

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